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Wellness Seminar Series

Previous Seminar - April 2019 Topic: ARE YOU BROKEN? You Can Be Restored!

  • Could your early experiences with trauma be dictating your current state of wellness or even determining your lifespan?
  • You’ll be surprised at what studies show.
  • Engaging, and informative.
  • Bring a friend and learn of one woman’s survival story as she shares her journey to restoration. 

Sessions covered included:

First Week

  • April 17 ~~ 6:30p: " What is Trauma?
    • How does it affect our mental, emotional and psychological well-being?
  • April 20 ~~ 2:30p: " Trauma and Your Physical Well-being"
    • It’s never too late to get a new start

    Second Week

    • April 24 ~~ 6:30p: “Trauma and Your Spiritual Well-being"
      • Don't let trauma destroy your relationship
    • April 27 ~~ 2:30p:  " Trauma and Restoration"
      • Ways to prevent, reduce or restore one’s self from the destructive effects of trauma


    For information: please contact Jill Kennedy at 912-228-0829

    or the Statesboro SDA church at 912-764-4363




    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Regarding Seminars and Attendance

    1. How should I dress?

           Dress is casual.


    1. Who can come to the seminar?

            This seminar is open to a male and female mature audience?


    1. Can I bring my children?

           Yes, we plan to have childcare available.


    1. What is the format?

            Part lecture, part open forum for exchange and sharing.


    1. Will there be anything there to eat?

           Yes, we will provide light snacks as a part of the programming.


    1. Who is invited to your seminars?

            Any person with a need or desire to learn about health, well-being, a closer walk with God, and wellness?


    1. How long should I expect to be at the seminar?

          1 Hour


    1. Can I bring someone with me?

            Yes, please feel free to invite as many as you would like.


    1. What is the purpose of this seminar?

            The purpose of this seminar is to encourage, and to educate, and to provide a space to make connections with other people.


    1. Is this a therapy session?

            No. However, attendees will gain valuable information that will assist in the process of restoration.


    1. Will I be able to share in the seminar?

           There will be allotted periods during each seminar when the participants may share. However, due to the limited time

           and depending on the number of participants; we will have to stay within a framework of time to make sure

           we respect everyone's schedule.


    1. How often will you have this type of seminar?

            Our goal is to produce seminars and events that are beneficial to the community.


    1. Can I add my contact information to an email list if I am unable to attend this seminar?

             Yes, please email


    1. Are you available to present seminars to other churches, or places in the community?

             Absolutely! Please email


    1. What if I have questions about future seminars, whom do I contact?

    You are welcome to email

    or call 912-764-4363


    1. Tell me about the "Are You Broken?" You can be restored! book’s author?
    • Jill Kennedy led this seminar based on her book, “Are You Broken?” You Can Be Restored!
    • Her inspirational story and experience of 30 years of domestic abuse qualifies her to share what she has learned and how she survived that life of trauma.






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